we engage
to become sustainable

SSM is an ecosystem combing corporate and employee engagement, social impact, fund-rising, time-rising and non-financial reporting. All to support sustainable growth of the businesses. We trust, that with every small step taken, we contribute to huge global impact.





Small Step Matters about?

SSM is the first ecosystem helping businesses to achieve the SDG and ESG goals together with engaging employees and getting non-financial reporting.

We are offering an ecosystem of:

  • employee engagement platform to support employer’s sustainable goals
  • dbase of ready-to-use ESG/SDG/CSR actions, project and templates for corporate clients
  • social impact tools to boost business ESG/SDG strategy
  • data-driven tools and algorithms to increase employer branding and advocacy
  • ESG reporting for corporate clients
  • supply chain ESG-comply reporting and implementations
  • ESG strategy planning and implementations
  • fund & time-rising tools for sustainable orientated projects

It’a as easy as building with blocks: choose modules which your business needs and boost your ESG!

Sustainable growth is no longer an option – it’s a must have now for those organisations who aim at obtaining the best employees, getting the most lucrative contracts and or servicing the most profitable clients.

Why is
ESG reporting important?

Paul Polman


It is clear we cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet. Embedding ESG in Business is the Right Thing to Do!

Anthony Duggan


We are committed to driving forward ESG as a business and recognise our place as an advisor that can influence change across the whole spectrum of the real estate industry.

John Streur


The dramatic shift towards ESG investing will not be sustained unless we address a fundamental weakness in the market infrastructure.

Al Gore

former US VP

Sustainability is history’s biggest investment opportunity.

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reporting roadmap

ESG non-financial reporting will be a must for businesses starting from 2023 – to EU regulations. To get ready, organisations will have to start gathering data from 2022. The reporting results will be a critical factor for the organisation to apply for financing, cooperation with banks or VCs.


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all United Nations Member States


The European Commission’s new approach to ESG due diligence and corporate accountability


All big enterprises will be required to comply and report accordingly to ESG standards