Join your organization into Small Step Matters

What's Small Step Matters about?

SSM is the first, where you can realize SDG and ESG together with engaging employees and getting non-financial reporting. Together, by small steps, we change the world for the better.

According to the ESG and SDG rules, in the second half of 2022 all companies and organizationswill be oblidged to make non-financial raports. Results of those raports will be a crucial factor in making an organization report.

Companies’ social commitment  is not only a formal requirement, but also a really important factor during recrutation process  of the best employees or building teams’ angagement and a connection with their enterprises.

What does the organization get?

Show the world your engagement

Add your CSR, ESG and SDG actions to our database and show them to the world so they get a better reach. Every single Smallstep user can join you!

Inspire your organization

You can use a database of checked SDG actions without limits and use them in your organizatoin. Inspire with hundreds of actions that have worked.

Microlearning and training

Your employees will get acces to a base full of cheched microtrainings ex. how to sort trash, how to manage time, what to do when you are stressed and many, many more

Use a ready SDG actions base

Your organizarion employees will be able to join social actions we alreadly created. You can decide witch SDG objectives you want to do the most.

Mindfulness and well-being

We care about our bodies and souls. On the platform you can find classes of mini toga at your desk, morning gymnastycs, or even help with making a healthy food calendar.

Reporting SDG and ESG

We exactly mesure how are your actions going and engagement of your employees. Now you get ready reports that you can use in reporting.


Yes! – we would really love it!

By adding your CSR, ESG and SDG projects to our database you get extra reach and new users’ engagement. Projects can be either only for your employees or platform users too, your choice.

Cost is devided int two parts:

  • One-time activation fee including putting your action int the system and training for people who are doing all the work in the project
  • Montly fee for each active user.
  • Your organization gets an invidual url adress or QR code witch can use somone trying to get on the platform.
  • On each step you have access to information about registered and active users bound to your organizatoin.
  • Users can register by their email or Social Login (ex. Linked in, Facebook and others)
  • after registrafion they get access to movies showing how to use the platform.

It’s Important! While making Smallstep we followed best procedures and UX of well known social platforms. That’s why most functions look like those you know from social media. It makes using our platform really intuitive.

It could even take zero minutes! It’s up to you how much time you decide to put into it.

During your company’s registration put your your actions and projects int our system. You just need to show us witch ones.

Later you can take care of your projects yourself, or let us do it. For example, putting one action into the system takes about 15 minutes.

In the basic version you get access to monthly reports including:

  • reach of each acrion, how much people were interested, or joined tea action
  • specific reach inside and outside of your organization
  • interaction per user count
  • reports how much people were engaged in your action
  • corelation between reach and results of actions with promo actions

While making SmallStep platform we used the best habbits and well known social media’s UX. You will find here functions like posts, chats, groups, liking an sharing  that we all know from other social media

Becouse of that using our platform is easy and intuitive.

Let’s start by a call during witch we will see how can we help you. In order to make an appointment message us or call +4822 400 1111.

Yes, we can launch a version that’s only for one organization. In this case we can install our system on your servers and the platform will be available as intranet and/or via VPN

No, you don’t have to engage your IT to launch your organization’s platform.

Join SmallStep platform

In this and tens of other SDG actions you can participate on SmallStep platform. Join your orgnization into our projest and let's start helping the world, together.
ready now?

About us

We belive, that by small steps we can change the world.

In each of is lies a force to change the world for better. this project begun in a belive that we can join forces and make our world a better place. It shuld be done systematicly, working in small steps.

Take a closer look at buisnesses and interdisciplinar projects we engaged into in last few years.

We are proudest of our innovative projects for Covid times that we realized for companies like IBM, BOCH, Nationale Nederlanden with great feedback.

Our projects:

Kongres Dobrych Praktyk Spółek Giełdowych

Zapraszamy do udziału w specjalnej edycji Kongresu Dobrych Praktyk Spółek Notowanych na GPW. Kongres jest odpowiedzią na potrzebę sprawnego wdrożenia nowych przepisów w oparciu o „Dobre Praktyki Spółek Notowanych na GPW 2021”, zwane „DPSN2021″.

Kongres Dobrych Praktyk

15 marca 2021, w rocznicę ogłoszenia lockdown, zrealizowaliśmy niezwykłe wydarzenie – Kongres Dobrych Praktyk. W wydarzeniu wzięło udział ponad 100 panelistów w 22 panelach, zrealizowaliśmy ponad 14 godzin relacji live.


Remote teams. Digital Nomads. Workation. Sprawiamy, że możliwość pracy zdalnej jest przewagą konkurencyjną organizacji, a nie utrapieniem.

[vi:] agency

We share our passion of expiriencing life! In [VI:] agency we have been doing events, incentive, employer brandingiem and MICE for 18 years. We care about interaction, and engagement, no matter the surroundings.