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@SSM ecosystem


SSM is an ecosystem combing corporate and employee engagement, social impact, fund-rising, time-rising and non-financial reporting. All to support sustainable growth of the businesses. We trust, that with every small step taken, we contribute to huge global impact.

Modules & Features

SSM is a modular platform. Pick and choose, which of the Modules & Features are important for your company.


ESG reporting

we provide ESG & nonfinacial reporting obligatory to EU based companies from 2023

Emloyers engagement

online and real live engagement built upon best practices of social media tools


Sustainable goals

choice of activities support sustainable goals important to your company

Project database

dbase of ready to use and well checked ESG & SDG projects & actions


Add sustainable actions

add your unlimited sustainable projects to our dbase



Get print, publish or social media ready documents and reports


Whistle Blowers

An anonymous reporting channel for intertal and external purposes.


Manage volunteering programmes get automatic reporting.


Well-being Module

Little daily actions and routines to feel better and perform more effectively.


3-minutes pills ie. how to save water, sort waste, eat healthier, do EFR…

Wide reach

get outside-company extra reach and new participants for your projects



add media to your projects; stream, video and images are wellcome



One-click broadcasting to your audience. Use you prefered tool like Zoom, Teams etc


Plan and hold online and offline events for your audience & participants

Social impact

take advantage of the best practicies from social media


Desktop & Mobile

use it the way you like: as desktop or mobile Android/IOS app

SaaS or Server-side

platform availabe as stand-alone instalation or in SaaS subscription

Disscussion groups

let your talk over actions and get into them emotionally


1-2-1 meetings

Set a 1-to-1 appointment with your connections or meet new people


Onboarding & UX

UX well know from social media platforms makes onboarding a piece of cake



Ready for integrations into existing systems and platforms at corporate clients

WhistleBlowers Module

An anonymous reporting channel. Allow your employees and clients to let you anonymously know that something needs your attention or is not OK.

How does it work?

Any employee may anonymously let the employer know that something needs his attention or is not OK. The system will secure the WhistleBlower privacy and anonymity together with an option to continue on conversation with the company authority. The report finds a way to the authority named by your organisation in the config settings. All the reports are safely stored for later usage.

Whay is it important?

In short words: all the EU based companies with over 50 staff and over €10 million turnover must have implemented their own internal system for whistleblowers to report misconduct.

The EU Whistleblower Directive was announced 16th December 2019 and must be put into local law by all EU Member States by the end of 2021. Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law.

How will you benefit?

How can one improve if he does not know about the problem? The WhistleBlowers Module solves that issue.

  • it helps employees to speek freely and openly. This improves company structure and effectivness.
  • it protects of the company reputation
  • prevents problems before they appear.

 Not implementing the WhistleBlower app may result in putting the company at risk of legal and financial consequences.