is your business
sustainable & ESG-ready?


Sustainability and ESG are no longer an option. Due to EU directive they are a must starting from 2023. But it’s not only a law.

ESG-comply strategy opens new perspective for the company growth, achieving new clients and getting the most valuable employees.

Why bother
about ESG?

For whom
is SSM?

What tools
do we have?

any competitve?

Why should you bother about
sustainable growth & ESG reporting?

ESG-reporting is a must have from 2023 and you will have to obbey. The question is different: will you do greenwashing and become a follower only? Or are to do greendoing and become a real leader?

Five ways that ESG creates value

To McKinsey studies, the five links are a way to think of ESG systematically, not an assurance that each link will apply, or apply to the same degree, in every instance. Some are more likely to arise in certain industries or sectors; others will be more frequent in given geographies. Still, all five should be considered regardless of a company’s business model or location. The potential for value creation is too great to leave any of them unexplored.


Top-line growth


Cost reductions


Employee productivity uplift


Reduced regulatory and legal interventions


Investment and asset optimization


of clients are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services


of operating costs can be reduced by executing ESG effectively

billion USD has been saved by 3M since introducing its “pollution prevention pays” (3Ps)

million gallons of fuel was saved so far by FedEx due to change the fleet to electric or hybrid engines


studies on the impact of ESG propositions on equity returns positive findings

For whom is the SSM solution?

We follow a holistic approach. Implementing ESG-ready strategy, whole corporation benefits. We are an ecosystem providing solutions for every company’s activities area.


  • engage employees
  • gain new engaged teams
  • help Employer Advocacy
  • solution for remote teams


  • we provide fully automated non-financial & ESG reporting required by EU directive
  • ESG-comply status enables cheap rates on ESG-financing for businesses


  • ESG-comply will be a must have for supply chains starting from 2023
  • access to new profitable Clients as ESG-comply enterprise


  • ready to use, Omni-Channel content for your PR & Marketing
  • make a sustainability your USP

.Supply Chain

  • public procurement will have to follow ESG regulations from 2023
  • as weell as whole supply chain reporting will be obligatory from 2023
  • we provide tools for integrated reporting for the whole supply chains

.ESG Strategy

  • we build whole corporate ESG strategy together with providing executive tools and reporting
  • become a sustainable leader in your branch

Modules & Features

SSM is a modular platform. Pick and choose, which of the Modules & Features are important for your company.


ESG reporting

we provide ESG & nonfinacial reporting obligatory to EU based companies from 2023

Emloyers engagement

online and real live engagement built upon best practices of social media tools


Sustainable goals

choice of activities support sustainable goals important to your company

Project database

dbase of ready to use and well checked ESG & SDG projects & actions


Add sustainable actions

add your unlimited sustainable projects to our dbase



Get print, publish or social media ready documents and reports


Whistle Blowers

An anonymous reporting channel for intertal and external purposes.


Manage volunteering programmes get automatic reporting.


Well-being Module

Little daily actions and routines to feel better and perform more effectively.


3-minutes pills ie. how to save water, sort waste, eat healthier, do EFR…

Wide reach

get outside-company extra reach and new participants for your projects



add media to your projects; stream, video and images are wellcome



One-click broadcasting to your audience. Use you prefered tool like Zoom, Teams etc


Plan and hold online and offline events for your audience & participants

Social impact

take advantage of the best practicies from social media


Desktop & Mobile

use it the way you like: as desktop or mobile Android/IOS app

SaaS or Server-side

platform availabe as stand-alone instalation or in SaaS subscription

Disscussion groups

let your talk over actions and get into them emotionally


1-2-1 meetings

Set a 1-to-1 appointment with your connections or meet new people


Onboarding & UX

UX well know from social media platforms makes onboarding a piece of cake



Ready for integrations into existing systems and platforms at corporate clients

Is Small Step Matters
any competetive solution?

There is no other market solution that meets the Clients’ need that way.

There are solutions addressing single, partials aspects of our project, but there are no complex solutions like SSM so far. Our goal is not to compete, but to cooperate.

We are:

  • the 1st HUB that gathers the best practicisies and ready-to-implement projects, actions and ideas to boost corporate sustainability
  • social impact platform to engage employees into ESG & SDG scope of activities
  • the only partner that provides all above together with non-financial reportin.

Sustainability is not about competition. It’s about cooperation and acting together for the common good.

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