SSM for NGOs, NonProfit & public  benefit organizations

Are you an NGO? Or maybe you run social importance projects in any other form? Small Step Matters is a partner who can boost your audience, help on fund and time-raising and provide your partners with a new level of user experience.

How do
we cooperate with NGOs?

SSM cooperates with corporate clients, whose goal is to engage employees and whole organizations into sustainable projects. Therefore, we are non-stop looking for socially important projects and public benefit organizations, which could inspire our clients and get them involved.

To start the cooperation with SSM simply register at the platform. Fist step to take, will be to input info about your organisation and projecets that you run.

How can
you benefit?

  • get new audience and reach for your projects. Your projects will be show directly to companies and their employees, willing to undertake sustainability-driven actions. They can join your actions and support you.
  • raise time and money
  • get new volunteers
  • get new founding by participatory budgets
  • attract the audience with your news, post, articles and multimedia

For NGOs SSM platform is completely free of charge. Add as many projects and actions and as much content as you want! If you decide to use our founraising tools, cooperation is commission-based.

your clients benefit?

  • access to non-finacial reporting based on employees engagement into your projects. Non-financial ESG reporting will be obligatory for all large companies in EU starting from 2023
  • volunteering management & reporting tools
  • user engagement tools and reporting

Not only do corporations gain by joining the SSM ecosystem.

For NGOs willing to bring new corporate clients to the SSM we are offering a revenue-generated commision based model of cooperation

Victoria Iwanowska

CEO Small Step Matters

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