a warm welcome to
VC’s & investors!

We are looking for a sustainability-focused investor, ready for a minimum 3 year commitment.

Why should you
concider us?

We are at seed level, with MVP and siging up first corporate clients, which will give us a strong proof of concept.

What’s already done?

  • fully functional MVP already incorporated into some small-size projects
  • 20+ meetings with big name companies, out of which 2 are already signing up
  • proof of concept being incorporated for 3 corporate clients
  • business model with 5 income streams
  • 20+ years of real-life business experience of intent founders


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The Founders

It’s a familiy company. We’ve been in business for over 20 years running several own businesses. Now it’s high time to go for a real game-changer.

Victoria Iwnaowska


Passionate leader & non-compromised doer.

Adam Iwanowski


Tech & proccess-orientated frick.

See what’s new
at the Small Step Matters project

Let’s meet during
Web Summit 2021
in Lisbon

We’re in the expert panel
@ Carbon FootPrint Conference 2021

We’re recognised in Mazovian Startup Accelerator

We’ve qualified
for the 2nd round
of Warsaw Booster!